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Sous Vide Device? Recommendations?

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A friend of mine has a Sous Vide device, not sure which mfgr or model.    He always talks about it, about how much he likes and uses it.    Can anyone recommend a good model for my home?    

I have heard a chef or two discredit others who use them...   I've heard some chefs that love them...   what are your thoughts?   Recommendations?

Thanks in advance.  :Thanx:

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I'm not a chef, but I really like my anova precision cooker.    the app is pretty cool and greatly helps.   It has recipes in the App as well.   Highly recommend.     I'm guessing that the Anova Precision Pro just has a higher wattage, which will be able to bring the water to temperature quicker, and also be able to handle a large volume of water.     I really don't know of any other manufacturers but I'm sure there has to be other out there.  

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