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Ben Welch and the Midwestern

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There has been a lot of hype, FB posts, mentions on the radio, tv and more and I'm excited to see the Midwestern open soon.   Ben Welch of Big Baby Q is the new owner and brain driving this new restaurant.   I look forward to seeing what they come up with, and am excited to see Ben Welch's creativity come to life.

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Wether or not if they have a good FB page, or a web page... I think it'd be truly beneficial for every chef or restaurant or both, to have an account here on TableGab.com to interact with the consumers.    They can create polls, talk with other chefs, talk with perspective customers and more.  Not to mention, that this site is all about food, those that create it, places you eat it, and those that eat it...   You don't have to deal with politics, cat videos, or all the stupid wasteful BS on FB.

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I stopped in over the weekend...  Nice setting... Had all the basic smokehouse items, ribs, pulled pork, chicken, etc...   I was impressed with the additional items like the scrambled egg toast though.   Pretty creative and definitely worth a look on your own...  After all the media hype, it had better be good. haa haa

I'll be back, and bring friends

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